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The University of Florida Genetics Institute is a multi-college, multi-faceted research center. What sets apart our institute and graduate program is our philosophy: good geneticists are interdisciplinary geneticists, incorporating many different genetic sub-fields into their work. The UFGI is a biomedical research center that promotes collaborative research and includes more than 220 faculty members, representing nine colleges and 51 academic departments. Founded in 2007, the program provides interdisciplinary doctorate training with an emphasis on computational approaches. Students can train in any UFGI member’s laboratory, regardless of their college or departmental affiliation.

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Why choose our program?

Interdisciplinary research

UFGI faculty represent nine colleges and 51 departments. They conduct an extensive range of genetics research, in fields such as gene therapy, plant genomics, neurogenetics, pharmacogenomics, evolution & development, bioinformatics, and the list goes on. Students are able to interact with these faculty during events, as well as collaborations and mentorship committees.

Mentors in various colleges

The UFGI has over 220 faculty members for you to choose from when selecting a mentor. And, should you meet another researcher on campus who is not a member with whom you would like to work, they can easily become a faculty member.

Emphasis on professional development

As part of the program, students attend a seminar course on Fridays. This course focuses on enhancing students’ professional skills beyond lab work. Students will give presentations on their research, receive feedback from other students, and have opportunities to ask other students about their work. Program alumni and visiting faculty will also give talks.

Frequent talks & workshops

During the fall and spring semesters, UFGI sponsors a Wednesday seminar featuring internal and external speakers. Researchers give talks on a variety of research topics related to genetics and genomics, and host a Q&A. Students attend these seminars as part of their professional development coursework. Students also have the opportunity to attend a luncheon with the speaker before the seminar.

The UFGI also hosts two conferences a year. The Phenotypic Prediction Workshop (brainchild of G&G alum Marcio Resende), and the Florida Genetics Symposium, which draws hundreds of researchers from around the world.