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Samantha Brooks, Ph.D.
Coordinator | Associate Professor, Equine Physiology |

Samantha Brooks is the coordinator of the Genetics & Genomics Graduate Program, and a professor in the department of animal sciences in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). Brooks works with incoming and current students, guiding them from the application process and through the doctoral program.

A lifelong horse woman, Dr. Samantha Brooks was diverted from vet school by a budding passion for equine research. Following a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Biotechnology, Dr. Brooks remained at the University of Kentucky to study at the Gluck Equine Research Center. While there she earned her PhD in Veterinary Science, specializing in Equine Genetics under the mentorship of Dr. Ernest Bailey. Following her PhD she was awarded the Paul Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship to study the expression of inflammatory genes in horses affected with laminitis. At Cornell University she was responsible for the Equine Biology and Management course for six years. Her research program explores a variety of topics relevant to horse health ranging from gene expression studies to mapping of genetic disorders in the horse. Previously her research group discovered genetic mutations and markers for coat colors, height, sarcoid tumors and two neurological conditions.  Ongoing work targets variation in gait, susceptibility to infectious disease, metabolic syndrome and skeletal defects using genome wide association, genome re-sequencing and transcriptomics. Learn more here.



Hope Parmeter 
Program Assistant, Graduate Program | 352-273-8289 |

Ms. Parmeter manages the day-to-day business of the Genetics & Genomics doctoral program. She is the primary contact for all student matters during the application process, admissions, and once admitted as a student. Ms. Parmeter ensures all materials have been received and all records are up to date. She registers students for classes and training, processes exam info and grades, and keeps records on mentorships and supervisory committees. For any questions related to the admissions process or current student matters, please contact Ms. Parmeter, or 352-273-8289.




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