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UFGI Director Patrick Concannon awarding Genetics & Genomics student Heather Rose Kates with the 2015 Kenneth & Laura Berns Award for Excellence in Genetics.

UFGI Director Patrick Concannon awards Genetics & Genomics student Heather Rose Kates with the 2015 Kenneth & Laura Berns Award for Excellence in Genetics.

Gators strive for greatness. The 2016 edition of U.S. News and World Report ranked the University of Florida as tied for the 14th-best public university in the United States, and tied for 47th overall among all national universities, public and private.

The University of Florida is one of the nation’s largest research universities. The Milken Institute named Florida one of the top-five U.S. institutions in the transfer of biotechnology research to the marketplace (2006). Some 50 biotechnology companies have resulted from faculty research programs. Florida consistently ranks among the top 10 universities in licensing. Royalty and licensing income includes the glaucoma drug Trusopt, the sports drink Gatorade, and the Sentricontermite elimination system. The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences is ranked No. 1 by the NSF in Research and Development. Florida ranked seventh among all private and public universities for the total number of patents awarded for 2005.

The University of Florida has more than $750 million in new research facilities recently completed or under construction, including the Nanoscale Research Facility, the Pathogens Research Facility and the Biomedical Sciences Building. Additionally, Innovation Square, a 24/7 live/work/play research environment being developed along Southwest Second Avenue between the University of Florida campus and downtown Gainesville, recently broke ground and plans to open next fall. The university’s Office of Technology Licensing will relocate to Innovation Square, joining Florida Innovation Hub, a business super-incubator designed to promote the development of new high-tech companies based on the university’s research programs.

Awards won by University of Florida faculty members include a Fields Medal, numerous Pulitzer Prizes, and NASA‘s top award for research, and the Smithsonian Institution’s conservation award. There are currently more than sixty eminent scholar endowed faculty chairs, and more than fifty faculty elections to the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, or Arts and Sciences, the Institute of Medicine or a counterpart in a foreign nation. More than two dozen faculty are members of the National Academies of Science and Engineering and the Institute of Medicine or counterpart in a foreign nation.